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La Paz Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran laid down the first stone last week for the new boutique hotel that is under construction in the La Posada area at the end of Nueva Reforma Street and the beach of La Posada.
The new hotel will be located on the property that for many years was Hotel La Posada de Engelbert, owned by world-renowned singer Engelbert Humperdinck. This on the beach hotel was a favourite gathering place for locals and tourists and at one time was a secret hideaway for Hollywood celebrities.
Mayor Ponce Beltran said at the inauguration that, “it will be a site for use by all Paceños. The hotel will be an additional piece of infrastructure for our tourism industry. I congratulate the investors.”
She said through private investment, La Paz would continue to have new tourism infrastructure, which will allow the city to grow. She feels it is the job of her government to be open to private investment to allow growth but the government needs to make sure that construction and growth takes place with caution and in order.
The hotel, to be named La Posada, will be home to 24 Master Suites and will include a restaurant, bar, spa, gymnasium and swimming pool.
The investment group for the project, Grupo Costa Cortes, is headed by Julio Bonis Alvarez. Representing an investment of close to 90 million pesos, the project will be built by the local development company DECOPE.

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