My Top 10 Summertime Things to Do in La Paz

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My Top 10 Summertime Things to Do in La Paz
Jim Donahoe
With summer officially here in La Paz and the excruciating heat that comes with it, one might be a little bit hesitant to head outdoors.
However, as a lover of the area and a full-time resident, not spending time outside is impossible for me. La Paz is a wonderful place to enjoy the natural wonders and I have made up a list of fun things to do to make summer in La Paz a part of a lifestyle, a lifestyle that does not include staying inside with the air on 24/7!
Here are my top 10 things to do in this paradise I call home during the summer months, and happy about it.

1. Cool, early morning walks and exercise along the Malecon.
2. Driving into the hillsides after a rain to see the bursting, blooming colors.
3. Backyard BBQ’s so I can learn more about Mexican grilling, have a beer, listen to music and enjoy friends.
4. Tecolote Beach. Being spoiled with service, refreshments and a frequent dip in the water.
5. Snorkeling. Water clarity surpasses HD TV.
6. Fishing. It is like my golf game, I am not very good at it, but with one good shot or one caught fish I keep coming back for more.
7. My friend has a small sailboat and I am really looking forward to learning how to sail.
8. Evenings along the Malecon with ice-cream while listening to a free concert and enjoying families.
9. Learning to scuba dive in one of the top 5 dive destinations of the world.
10. I am easily amused and actually look forward to the variety of ways my fellow Paceños greet me and let me know how hot it is today… Oh, really?
11. I know it is suppose to be 10, but what the heck. As a real estate broker, I love to introduce others to all the wonders of La Paz, help them find and purchase their dream home and welcome them as new neighbors to our paradise by the sea.

Jim is the Broker Manager for Linda Neil Properties in La Paz and a full-time Paceño. 612 140 1054

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