Municipality of La Paz to Rebuild Damaged Malecon

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Strong waves affected nearly 14 meters of the walkway


The Municipality of La Paz will start reconstruction of part of the walkway of the malecon in La Paz. Several feet of the heavily traveled walkway was damaged in recent days due to the windy weather and rough seas, unveiled the coordinator of the local federal maritime zone (ZOFEMAT), Aaron Condes de la Torre.

The part of the walkway severely damaged is located right in front of La Perla Hotel.

Condes de la Torre reported that the affected area covers about 14 meters by 1 wide. Along with the impact of the waves, time has also played a roll in the damage that occurred.

When the loss of part of the walkway wall was reported, the local coordinator of ZOFEMAT said that immediate protective action was taken to avoid mishaps or accidents with pedestrians in the area. The area continues to be duly protected.

The municipal official stressed that the reconstruction project on the malecon will be completed by a local construction company and should be finished by mid January. The work should come to a total of 100 thousand pesos.

In detailing the work needed to be done, Condes de la Torre said that they will rebuild the wall with a base of concrete and stone of a depth of five feet, which will then be filled with concrete block. It will then be completed with the same patterned tile that already exists on the malecon.

He also commented that his department is also checking the entire length of the malecon and is supervising other areas of the walkway in order to detect the possibility of other anomalies. If there are other problem areas, he said, they would be repaired in a timely fashion.


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