Municipality of La Paz Busy Cleaning Streets and Repairing Potholes

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With the intention of having a cleaner city after the rains of September and October, the Municipality of La Paz has been promoting the  “Clean-Up Days” campaign across the city. Juan de la Peña Salgado, general director of municipal Servicios Publicos (Public Services), said that city workers of all levels as well as service groups, business owners and community members have been participating in the clean-up campaign on different streets of the city

Each weekend, a different neighborhood is chosen and city crews, volunteers and residents work together to sweep up the streets and get rid of all the garbage piled up along curbs.

Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran had asked De la Peña Salgado to head up the campaign, held on different days and in different parts of the city, to get the city clean and maintain a proper image for the capital city.

If you see the clean-up crew in or around your neighborhood, you are asked to grab your broom and join in the fun or at the very least, move your vehicle to allow workers to sweep up the dirt and dust in front of your home or office and along the curb.

De la Peña Salgado would like to see more residents helping the city keep streets clean. Although the “Clean-Up Days” may be organized just once a year in your neighborhood, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain clean streets and boulevards. It is important he said, that clean-up remains permanent so the city is always clean.

Along with the “Clean-Up Days” campaign, the city in October also announced an ongoing campaign to repair potholes in the city and some of the other municipal communities.

Also because of the fall rains, the city has had a never-ending fight against pothole reproduction that the mayor said requires intense work.

According to Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran, 3 thousand and 200 square meters have been filled with concrete in various points of the city as well as 500 square meters with asphalt.

The mayor said she is proud of the work that the municipality and state government have been coordinating together and that the city will move forward

in repairing the streets and filling in potholes in the ongoing program.


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