More Cruise Vacationers in La Paz’s Future?

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Baja California Sur is becoming a favorite destination for tourists through cruise vacations and cruise lines are having  a positive economical impact not only within the tourism sector but in other sectors of the economy as well, the State Director of the Port Authority(API), Jesús Robles González claims. He said the State is consolidating its preference of cruise vacationers and indicated that cruise lines have now turned their attention to La Paz and Loreto, where as before they were only visiting Los Cabos. Travelers leave money behind when they venture off in their port of call but what is also attractive among the cruiser population is that once they have visited BCS while on a cruise vacation, they often return to visit on their own. He also said that the recent visit of the cruise ship Carnival Splendor that made a port of call at the Pichilingue terminal in La Paz last week may have left over $300,000 US in the city, stating that 3613 travelors were welcomed plus an  additional 1115 crew.   If each were to have spent in La Paz $80.00 US in restaurants, retail or souvenir stores, the economic impact could have been significant. While hard numbers are hard to pin down, any cash injection to the city is welcomed, especially for those businesses along the Malecon who desperately need to see walk up business in order to keep paying their higher rents. Also, return business in the future from charmed cruisers is always an added possibility. “This cruise ship that visited La Paz was just days before in Los Cabos and left significant benefits in several sectors of the economy there as well. Carnival cruise ships have only visited the south of the state and we have had meetings with them through both the Secretary of Tourism and the Port Authority to try and bring them to La Paz and Loreto.  This is the second time they have visited La Paz, twice in one year, and we feel it benefits several sectors of the economy.”  Robles González also mentioned that along with the Secretary of Tourism, the Port Authority will continue to promote La Paz to the cruise line industry as the economical benefits enjoyed by businesses, services and restaurants in the state is too great to let it pass by.

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