Mexico Once Again Ranked Among the World’s Ten Most Visited Countries

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President Enrique Peña Nieto said that various indicators show that 2014 was the best year in the history of tourism in our country, thanks to the growth in the sector, “According to data published by the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is once again ranked among the world’s 10 most visited countries.”

He said this is wonderful news for the country, “And should be a source of great pride for Mexicans.” He added that the world is recognizing the value of Mexico, and, “Millions of people, from all continents, are discovering what our nation offers and are amazed.”

He stressed that the government is working, “To make Mexico a world-class tourism destination. And it is indeed, but we want to reaffirm this vocation, this condition, and turn it into the world’s leading tourist destination. “Mexico is a great nation, with a vast cultural and historical heritage, and a surprising natural diversity, which makes it a unique tourist destination.”

The president said that thanks to the daily work of over three million Mexicans working in the tourism sector, Mexico broke its record again in 2014. The country indicators show an unprecedented growth rate: four times the growth rate observed worldwide. While last year, world tourism grew at a good rate, 4.7 percent, in Mexico, we achieved annual growth of 20.5 percent.”

In other words, he added, “From 2000 to 2012, the number of international tourists in our country grew by 2.8 million. Two years and months into this administration, confidence in Mexico has certainly been reaffirmed, meaning that during this time, the number of tourists has grown significantly, with nearly 5.7 million more tourists being registered during this period.”

He noted that between 2013 and 2014, “Nearly 5 million more tourists visited the country, with numbers rising from 24.2 to 29.1 million international visitors. This increase represents half the tourism received by other countries, which are also important in an international context, such as Egypt, Japan and South Africa.

He added that industry figures for January of this year indicate that tourism in our country is continuing to grow. “In fact, in January, there was a 14 percent increase in the number of international tourists, compared with last year, which was very good for tourism in our country.”


The president also announced another piece of good news, “We are not only getting more visitors, but they are also spending more. Average expenditure by international tourists arriving by air increased by more than 9 percent last year. Tourism yielded over $16 billion dollars.”

He said the government will continue, “Working to consolidate these positive trends. We will continue joining forces so that more people will visit Mexico and those who have already experienced it will return.”

“These are the achievements of Mexico as a whole, of all who believe and trust in our country, of the millions of women and men whose work and effort spread Mexico’s image throughout the world,” he said.

President Peña Nieto said, “We want more people around the world to discover and fall in love with Mexico, its beautiful beaches and enigmatic archaeological sites, its sanctuaries and nature reserves, its cities and wonderful magical towns. But we are also working to enable increasing numbers of Mexicans to discover and enjoy the greatness of their own country.”

He said that, by joining forces and working together, “We will promote national identity and consolidate Mexico as a world-class tourist destination.”

The president hoped that years edition of the Tourism Fair, which unites the tourism industry from around the world, in which buyers from 65 countries participated for the first time, “will enable us to promote our country.”

He mentioned that this edition of the fair is very significant, “Because we are celebrating 40 years since its inception, and because it specifically promotes the 83 Magic Towns (including Todos Santos and Loreto) and the country’s indigenous ecotourism potential, of the country, because the Tourism Fair is returning to the destination where it originated, our beautiful, emblematic Port of Acapulco.”

Earlier, President Peña Nieto toured the stands of the various tourism service providers, especially those of the Magic Towns of Mexico and the country’s indigenous peoples.

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