Mexican Postal Service Issues Pelagic Shark Stamps

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Once again, the natural wonders of Baja California Sur will appear on a postage stamp; this time as a Commemorative Sheet of Pelagic Sharks, announced Genaro Ruiz Hernandez, Secretary of Tourism for Baja California Sur.

The commemorative sheet will be issued by the Mexican Postal Service and will contain 12 stamps to promote the conservation and care of the biodiversity of the sea.

Ruiz stressed the importance of the stamps, which will help put Baja California Sur on the national and international stage and will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to promotional efforts carried out by the state government.

The stamps reproduce images of pelagic sharks taken mostly in Bahia Magdalena, in the municipality of Comondu, BCS. The stamps include images of white, blue and hammerhead sharks.

stampRuiz Hernandez said the administration of Carlos Mendoza Davis recognizes the need to respect biodiversity and the preservation of marine species that inhabit our waters. He stressed the need to care for and protect pelagic sharks found in the open sea, because they contribute to maintaining equilibrium in marine life.

Pelagic or oceanic sharks live in the open waters of the seas and oceans. They include the largest of all fish. They inhabit temperate and tropical waters and many are migratory. All sharks are predators. In many cases they are at the apex of their food chains and are therefore an important indicator species for marine ecosystems as a whole.

Ruiz Hernandez also said Baja California Sur will directly benefit from the promotion and marketing of the stamp both nationally and internationally, through letters, cards and packages as they are sent around the world via courier services.

“Baja California Sur has an incalculable environmental wealth, and this is a fundamental asset of tourism. We need to continue taking advantage of these resources in a sustainable manner, through ecotourism and adventure,” Ruiz Hernandez concluded.

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