Mexican Independence Day Quiz!

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To celebrate Independence Day here in Mexico, we came up with a short quiz to see how much you know about our adopted home! Answers on the bottom.

Test your Mexican History knowledge

Dolores Hidalgo was the sister of FR. Miguel Hidalgo?
a. T
b. F

2. Mexican Independence Day is
a. May 5th
b. July 4th
c. September 16th

3. Mexican won her independence in
a. September 16 1810
b. October 1825
c. September 1821

4. Ignacio Allende rang a bell in the streets of Guanajuato to rouse the people to revolt.
a. T
b. F

5. President Calderon visited the church of Dolores Hidalgo on September 15, 2010
a. T
b. F

6. El Grito de Dolores was changed to El Grito Dia de Independencia in:
a. October 1825
b. September 1821
c. October 1810

7. Some of the Heroes of Independence are:
a. Allende, Abasolo, Las Garzas
b. Allende, Abasolo,Matamoros
c. Allende, Abasolo, Revere

Here are the answers:
1. F   2. C   3. C    4. F   5. A   6. A   7. B

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