May Days!

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May is one of the busier months of the year in Mexico, with a mountain of special days to consider if you either work or study here. Please take into account these dates before making any major plans.

May 1st – Labor Day

This is a national holiday in Mexico.  May 1st in Mexico is celebrated as International Labor Day.
Be aware that banks will be closed as well as all government offices. There is no school in Mexico on May 1st.

May 3rd – Day of the Holy Cross

Construction workers decorate crosses with flowers and mount them on buildings under construction. 

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo

It seems this is a bigger holiday in the US than here in Mexico. It commemorates the battle in Puebla of 1862 in which the Mexican army defeated the French.

May 10th – Mother’s Day

This holiday is HUGE here is Mexico.  Make restaurant reservations days in advance!  Most moms have the day off work too.

May 15 – Teacher’s Day

Teachers usually get the day off of school and celebrate with a breakfast date with fellow teachers.