Making the World a Better Place Through Music

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Project Blue – merge music, beauty and community


Project Blue



Not every day do you have the chance to help an old master regain his craft and share his special gift with a community in need of positive, cultural interaction. In this spirit, Project Blue was launched to bring beauty and music into the lives of the residents of La Paz, Mexico and to give the septuagenarian piano virtuoso Christian Schleifer the opportunity to regain and surpass his past achievements. To make this possible, Project Blue was launched to raise $6,000.00 US in funding to purchase the Baldwin Baby Grand piano

Christian´s story

He was “discovered” as a child prodigy at four years old, and placed in the Cincinnati Music Conservatory, where he studied for the next 15 years. Playing professionally throughout his 20s, in an incredible story of an artist’s internal struggle with his craft, he later went on hiatus, ceasing to perform publicly for several decades. Years later, residing in Mexico, Christian stumbled upon a familiar Baldwin grand piano in the small town of El Triunfo. Reunited with the same model he had played professionally, and newly inspired, he returned to sharing his gift with the public.

Christian lives in the desert close to La Paz, Mexico and drives miles each day to practice and play concerts at the Museum of Music in El Triunfo. The Museum has suffered years of neglect, and over the past two decades, both the building and the instruments housed within have suffered the unfortunate consequences. The once great Baldwin grand piano is home to nesting wasps, the roof above leaks like a sieve, and needless to say, in an environment where temperatures regularly exceed 100, there is no climate control.

Christian, tireless and driven at 74 years young, requested help in coming up with a solution. He feels he still has a lot to contribute to this world and the community of La Paz, and refuses to let age or other difficulties get in his way.

Project Blue is excited to report that they have reached their goal of raising $6,000.00 US with the help of 48 supporters. Their vision of bringing the beauty of music into the lives of residents of La Paz has turned to a reality.

Project Blue will offer small piano concerts in the “El Angel Azul” Hotel for free groups of people in La Paz that have limited access to cultural events. These would include children, orphans, elderly people and economically disadvantaged residents of La Paz They will also provide benefit concerts for local charities.

El Angel Azul Hotel, an iconic space in downtown La Paz, will cover the cost of housing the piano and providing a space for concerts. Christian is committed to playing free concerts starting in November for groups such as those mentioned above, and will play private concerts individuals with the economic means to support him with a nominal “ticket” fee.

If you are interested in helping to support the maintenance and tuning of the Baldwin Baby Grand piano or with the expense of free concerts for the community, please check out the Indiegogo page at—4 for more information.

The project is only beginning.

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