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Thanks to you and your staff as always. As people comment to me about your new cover (an additional thanks) they always include a word about what a great job you do with the entire magazine, your writers and their articles, very interesting and professional, and the new format…a real winner Everyone loves it.

Look forward to working with you next year.



To Susan Fogel

I have loved your articles in The Baja Citizen for the five years I have been in La Paz and just signed up to read your blog as well.



We really enjoyed Donneley’s list of 10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in La Paz. I am proud to say that we went through the list and did as much as we could. We didn’t lustily sing Christmas carols but we did go and visit the Christmas lights and enjoyed a Noche Buena Beer at Tailhunter’s. My ponche was a real hit, too! Please keep up the lists.



Felicidades. Just read online. (Thanks for the heads up)  Well done… In addition to the articles, I enjoyed your Letter From the Publisher about living in La Paz.



The Baja Citizen has become a staple in our home, Gari-Ellen. Our friends and family come and visit and we always give them our collection of your magazine for them to go through. It is our go to guide in La Paz. Thank-you for publishing such a wonderful tool for all of us to enjoy.



My day is brighter at work when the new edition of The Baja Citizen arrives. Seriously. It is the truth. It makes my day.


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