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Baja Citizen,
I had to travel to Cabo San Lucas to get a document notarized at the U.S. Consulate.  My friend, John Cook, and I drove down there Friday and discovered that the Consulate had moved to the Las Palmillas Plaza in San Jose del Cabo.  The new location on the west side of the freeway is easy to find and parking is available.
The adventure began Saturday morning as we left San Jose del Cabo and headed north.  About five miles north of the airport we met a large truck headed towards San Jose.  As we passed, a tire on his truck exploded and came flying through the air, striking the windshield on the driver’s side, sending glass shards flying everywhere.  Fortunately we were able to stop without any major injuries.
John’s Spanish is better than mine so he called 066 and within a short while Capitan Salvador Santoyo of the Federal Police appeared to assist us.  He was exceptionally pleasant and efficient.  Within minutes he had a tow truck en route and had made arrangements for us to meet with our insurance agent.  He stayed until the car was loaded and then drove us to meet with the insurance agent.  Shortly thereafter we were on our way to the glass repair shop and within three hours we had a new windshield in a vacuumed car.  Everyone was helpful and businesslike.
I am writing because too often we read and hear of people who have bad experiences and I want to spread the word of a situation that began badly but ended well.  I am certain that being able to communicate in Spanish was a factor in getting things taken care of, but Capitan Santoyo did a superb job.   I think it is important to give credit where credit is due and Capitan Santoyo is an officer of whom the Federal Police can be proud.
Ethan Windahl

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