La Paz the 4th Happiest Municipality in Mexico

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The people of La Paz are happy! Imagina Mexico AC conducted a nation wide survey measuring happiness and the quality of life in 100 cities across the country. The capital of Baja California Sur ranked number 4.

The Ranking of Happiness in Mexico 2012 survey wanted to know in what municipalities in Mexico do people live with the best quality of life.

For the study, 26 000 surveys were handed out in 100 municipalities in Mexico with the objective of understanding the happiness of Mexicans.

In the ranking, La Paz can be found just behind the municipalities of Guadalupe, Nuevo León; Lerdo, Durango; and Apodaca, Nuevo León, with Apodaca ranking as the happiest municipality in Mexico.

This is the first ever happiness study to have taken place in the country.

Why is it important to measure happiness? Imagina Mexico A.C. felt the ranking would allow for valuable information to be generated helping make better decisions for the design of public policies to better the quality of life of its people.

International experience has also shown that information that includes happiness of the people provides tools to help adopt better public policies. The study invited Mexicans to speak truthfully about their lives and to consider what things are they happy with in their lives and what things are not to help build a happier Mexico.

Looking at the results for La Paz, paceños are satisfied with life in general and are very satisfied with their family life, their friendships and their health.  However, their happiness dips a little in terms of their family economy and their amount of free time.

In regards to their satisfaction with public services, paceños are satisfied with the garbage collection service, cultural events and even street lighting.  However, they are not so happy with the state of city streets. Sound surprising?

Now there is no doubt. Those looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in life should head to La Paz.

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