La Paz: Something for Everyone

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By Victor Granados

I have dedicated the last several years of my life to the service of tourism and in between hotels, airlines and restaurants and directly in the attention of visitors, I had been able to gain a certain perspective of what people thought about my hometown of La Paz and the state of Baja California Sur.

Because of destiny, 13 years ago I dove into the real estate industry and I have never really looked back. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people through my work, people who have been adopted by the city and in turn, feel just as a part of it as I do. La Paz continues to provide a high quality of life no matter which stage of it you find yourself in. Whether you are still working, semi retired or retired, La Paz can be the right fit for you.

Even now, in the year 2019, La Paz still hasn’t lost its small town charm even though it mostly has the services and infrastructure of a first world city. Because of this, La Paz has stayed unique. But La Paz is La Paz because of its people, its beaches, its enigmatic desert, its pueblos magicos and its unexplored territories. But more importantly, all of this splendid beauty is within reach for all.

Just as La Paz has so much to offer, so too does the real estate market here in the city. La Paz is highly competitive with other destinations in the country, and as I tell my clients and friends, when buying real estate, everything depends on the lifestyle you would like to enjoy. To date, we have excellent developments with golf courses, marinas, vertical condominiums, new homes, older homes, among many other listings on the market! The thing is, I’m fairly sure that La Paz has something for you.

If you love to wake up in the morning and take a walk through downtown or the malecon, drink coffee on a sidewalk cafe, visit an organic market or take in a gourmet restaurant at night, your area is definitely downtown La Paz. A house or an apartment for you we will be able to find, with a price range that varies.

 If your interests lean more towards enjoying the views of the city, the sea and the desert, La Paz has all of those places, too.  La Paz’s natural environment allows us to be surrounded by hills that give us incredible views of the Bay of La Paz as well as offering us desert backdrops and the lights of the city at night.

La Paz is still home to a wide range of listings with varying price points. Again, and most importantly, you must envision the lifestyle you want and from there, start your dream home search because La Paz will have what you are looking for.

What is very true is that La Paz, without a doubt, is the place where having your retirement home or an apartment is very simple to accomplish and the doors are wide open for any budget. Talk with your real estate professional and I am sure La Paz has something that you may like so that you can be a part of this amazing city very soon!

Victor Granados
was born in the State of Chihuahua and moved with his parents to La Paz when he
was only 11 years old. He married a local paceña 22 years ago, Edith. They have
one beautiful daughter, Michelle.  Victor
is the owner/broker of South Baja Realtors, a local real estate firm, which
just celebrated 10 years in business –