La Paz Ladies Luncheon

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La Bartola Restaurant

By Luiza Lanoy

Feedback from our gastronomic trip to the Yucatan and area.  We had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing La Bartola Restaurant located on the Malecon between Guerrero and Republica on Thursday, May 22 from noon to about 2:30 pm.

These three brothers know a great deal about the restaurant business.  Benjamin, one of the brothers, thought on his feet and when asked if a fruit water could be served, said:  “The first glass of wine is on the house!!”  He then extended his offer to the first drink, period.  That was enough to start the party rolling.  Will we ever forget his generosity?  No!

The food was superb! I can tell you that we had a fish roll stuffed with seafood; a chicken roll stuffed with vegetables and cilantro, carrots and peppers with potato puree; a sope covered with chorizo and a jamaica flower taco and, if that weren’t enough, a large chicken drumstick bathed in mole sauce. Delicious.

Obet, another one of the brothers, organized a huge surprise for us.  We had folkloric dancers in costume from Merida and the Yucatan to perform for us.  To top it all off, we were each served a shot glass of an after dinner liqueur typical of the region.  A nice way to end the meal.

One of our new members openly said that this was the best Mexican food she ever had.  Yet another attendee wrote me the following comments on Friday May 23rd 2014.

“Some of the best and very different Mexican food I have had in La Paz.”

A huge thanks to La Bartola for your attention to detail, for cooking such a fabulous meal, for treating us like royalty, for entertaining us. You are true restaurateurs and you know your business.   It is little wonder that you are the talk of the town.

Next luncheons:

TrocaderO’s  June 19, 2014 noon.  Lunch served at 1 pm.  Reserve early at

Otra Vez  July 24th, 2014

Las Palmas August 21, 2014.

All three restaurants above have air conditioning.

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