La Paz, Get Ready to Smile!

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In order to raise awareness in the residents of La Paz on the importance of tourism to the city, EMPRHOTUR, the La Paz hotel and tourism association recently handed over promotional materials to the Secretary of Tourism of BCS, Ruben Reachi and to Pedro Aguilar, Director of Tourism for the Municipality of La Paz to start the “La Paz comienza con una sonrisa” or “La Paz starts with a smile” campaign in the city.
“The success of tourism in the City of La Paz is about all of us, everyone who lives in La Paz.  The motor of the economy of La Paz is tourism and we all need to take part in being good hosts to our visitors,” Agustin Olachea, President of EMPRHOTUR, explained.
Tourism officials expect an increase in tourist traffic over the next few years due in part to an international marketing campaign driven by CODETUR, which consists of 9 tourist developments in the area, including CostaBaja, Playas de La Paz and Azul de Cortez, EMPRHOTUR and the State’s Secretary of Tourism or SECTUR.  Each have joined forces and put forth a budget of nearly 800,000 US dollars a year over the next 3-years to market La Paz in Canada and the United States.  The sole purpose of this marketing campaign is to increase traffic to La Paz and make more flights available. Officials are hoping to get the campaign started by the end of 2011.
Olachea feels that visitors need to feel welcome to the city by its residents and that the happiness of tourists to the city is not just dependent on the hotel or restaurant industry, but of all residents of La Paz.
The slogan for the campaign, “La Paz comienza con una sonrisa” will be featured on 5 official images, which have been selected and used in the awareness campaign that has yet to have a budget or concrete promotional tools. Posters in government offices and an on-line campaign were some of the answers given as to how the campaign would take shape.
Secretary Reachi stated that, “This tourism awareness campaign in La Paz is a call for awareness, that inasmuch as La Paz and Baja California Sur grow touristically, its populations will have a better quality of life.”
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