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By Donneley McCann

If you are an avid reader and are constantly looking for good books to read perhaps you should

consider attending the Book Club’s monthly meetings. On the second Tuesday of each month at

2:00 in the afternoon anyone who wishes to do so attends at a member’s residence to discuss

the “book of the month”.  This book has been chosen by voting on books recommended by

anyone in the group early in the year. The process of recommending books has begun for the

2014/2015 reading year and from the final list 8 books will be chosen, one for each month from

October until May.  The Club discusses generally books that have been read, and recommended by members for the months of June, July, August and September, as many are absent and away during those months.

This past year these were the books chosen:

October                    The Samurai’s Garden                Gail Tsukiyama

November               Manana Forever: Mexico and

the Mexicans                               Jorge G. Castaneda

December                 Space Between Us                     Thrity Umrigar

January                    Unlikely Pilgrimage of

Harold Fry                                   Rachel Joyce

February                   Born to Run                                Christopher McDougall

March                      History of Love                            Nicole Krauss

April                          Round House                              Louise Erdich

May                          Black Swan Green                      David Mitchell


The next meeting will be on March 4 and the discussion will centre on the book History of Love the name of a book itself in this work of fiction and how the now elderly author while searching for his son mysteriously connects with a young girl.

A social hour usually follows the book discussion and all other matters that need to be discussed have been taken care of.

Join us if you so feel inclined!  I will try and keep you posted as to “what’s up” with the book club and if you want any further information please contact me…

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