La Marmolera Restaurante: Celebrating Their 10-Year Anniversary

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La Marmolera Restaurante is a pioneer, offering their own unique style of breakfasts and lunches, which have won over locals and tourists alike to their restaurant in La Paz.

This little treasure of a restaurant near the big domed cathedral, just off of 5 de Febrero, is truly a delight with wonderful ambience, great food, good service and excellent coffee

Restaurante La Marmolera has become a favorite breakfast and lunch place for many paceños. The restaurant continues to grow; and this March, La Marmolera is celebrating ten years in the business. Their food and service keep their faithful clients coming back for more.

Everything about La Marmolera has been poco a poco. Little by little. Blanca Romero, along with her family, formed a group 10 years ago to get some capital to get started on their dream. They received a small loan through the Secretary of Economy and were able to buy some equipment, including the stove, the refrigerator, the deep freezer and other essentials for the kitchen. It was a huge motivation for them.

La Marmolera´s team started out and tried to grow little by little. The opened without a sign outside! No publicity. They had no money. No staff, just a great love for the work! People found them though and friends came by to eat.   It was a very difficult first year. Very difficult.

But their homemade-style dishes became very popular. Many customers turned into regulars, thanks to La Marmolera’s good-sized, high-quality meals – which are the same every time they are ordered. Consistency is very important to Blanca.

“Our style is homemade. For example, we have huevos rancheros, and it is very similar to the type of eggs your mom would make at home. Nothing sophisticated. Just healthy, delicious food. Good proportions. There are no cans in our kitchen. Everything is made fresh at the last moment possible. Our freshly-squeezed juices are made when you order them; we try to make everything at the moment because that is when things taste the best.”

In 2014, La Marmolera was awarded the “M” Certificate by the Secretary of Tourism. The “M” Certificate, for a “Modern Company,” is granted when a quality-improvement management system is successfully implemented in a micro-, small- or medium-sized tourism business (including restaurants). The restaurant used the Modern Quality Program – based on a modern method of leading and managing a tourism company – to give employees incentives, to improve the restaurant’s profitability, and to be able to satisfy their customers’ expectations.

So poco a poco, La Marmolera has expanded to what is today a two-story restaurant that includes a private dining area for special events on the second floor. The lower-level dining area is enclosed in the front; while the back section of the lower level has comfortable seating in a spacious open-air courtyard decorated with lush greenery surrounding a turtle pond.

Their menu offers a nice selection of breakfast items, along with a choice of traditional Mexican favorites like enchiladas, tostadas, flautas, etc. The food is consistently fresh and delicious, service attentive, and their prices are quite reasonable.

If you are looking for a relaxing, comfortable place to meet friends or family for homemade-style Mexican dishes, along with the best coffee, try La Marmolera!

Where to find them:

La Marmolera is located on Cuautemoc between Serdan and Gulliermo Prieto

Their hours:

8 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., 7 days a week

For info or reservations, call:

612 128 6337


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