La Bartola Restaurant Review

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Chicken stuffed with zucchini flowersBy La Fulana

Ladie’s luncheon event May 22nd. A buffet of most of their specialties. OMG! Where do we begin?

La Bartola used to be located on Isabella Catolica and now has moved to a great location on the North end of the Malecon. Good move. The view is amazing.

It is owned by Obet Montiel who runs it with his 2 brothers Benjamin and Gualberto. He is from Veracruz and was influenced with the cooking of his mom, grandma and aunts. Fast forward with 15 years in the food and hospitality business you get to La Bartola.

Here’s the report:

This is what we ate. Obet prepared a buffet with small tidbits from his whole menu. That way we could sample just about everything!

Black beans, simple and very flavorful. I’ll take black beans over any other kind anytime.

Mashed potatoes with butter, comfort food. Nice and fluffy.

Chicken stuffed with zucchini flowers, that were moist and light. Made with thinly sliced chicken breast.

Stuffed rolled fish in Oja Santa with green tomato sauce, the leaf that wraps this fish tastes almost cinnamon like. Great flavor, it perfumes the fish throughout.

Chicken with mole, tender with a hint of heat. Perfect.

Picaditas Jarochas, smoked pork longaniza sausage from Veracruz. Kind of like a topless Gordita with red spiced sausage.

Panucho de cochinita de pollo Yucatan style. A fried mini tortilla with black beans, avocado, onions.

String vegetables in butter. Butter/vegetables what’s not to like?

For dessert we were treated to a small but potent drink called: Torito de Guayabana. It is cane alcohol, cream and guayabana pulp. Wow!

As a surprise were treated to a lovely dancing show. Traditional Veracruz folkloric dancing. That was a really nice touch.

We found prices to be reasonable.

Big breakfasts from 60 to 100 pesos.

Appetizers from 45 pesos, lunches from 50 pesos.

Main courses 95 to 175 pesos.

Desserts 55 to 75 pesos.

They have a full bar, decent wine list and beer.

I tried to do a survey of what people liked best. It failed miserably when everyone answered all across the board! The good thing is that is means that there is something to really please everyone!

La Bartola is located on the Malecon between Republica and Guerrero

Hours are from 8AM to 11PM Tuesday to Sunday

They cater. Go check them out; you won’t be disappointed.

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