Keeping Balandra Pristine

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Local Eco-Club Does Their Part


Balandra is definitely one of La Paz’s best conservation success stories. Several years ago, groups of concerned paceños started campaigning to save Balandra from real estate development and private interests. After months of rallies and letters to the government, the citizens’ petition to keep Balandra as a luscious virgin beach finally achieved its goal. It is said that the last thing former president Felipe Calderon did before ending his term on November 30th, 2012, was to sign the decree that declared Balandra a natural protected area (ANP- Area Natural Protegida).

Now, almost five years later, Balandra is one of Baja’s most visited beaches, and has been recognized as one of the top beaches in Mexico. Pristine waters, white sand, dunes, mangroves, mountains; the ecological importance of this beach is well known by the local eco-club Californios Verdes (Green Californias) and the club works hard to spread the word! Every other Saturday, they organize and lead a fun, dynamic rally, Yo Balandra, to make sure local students and citizens of La Paz get to visit the area and learn about the importance of conserving it. In collaboration with Ecology Project International Mexico (EPI), Niparajá, Colectivo Balandra, and other local NGOs, members of the eco-club – generally aged between 16 and 18 years old – take Yo Balandra participants through different stations: dunes, mangrove, beach, and mountains. The participants are given the opportunity to explore and understand every aspect of this special beach.

These active kids have accomplished a lot. From September, 2014, to December, 2017, the eco-club has worked with ten different neighborhoods, involving almost 21 schools (primary, middle, and high schools), and sport and social assistance centers for youth – totaling 1,818 participants. Today, the eco-club is in search of local support and needs funding. If you would like support these local youth in helping keep Balandra the pristine national treasure that it is, please make a donation by contacting EPI today.

For more information about EPI, visit; look them up as EPI México on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; or visit their campus located on Guillermo Prieto 1038, between Encinas and Navarro in La Paz.

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