K9 Rancho del Perro, One year later: Still Barking

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By Claude Himbeault

The folks at K9 are not only “still barking” but they are doing so louder than ever!

We are publishing this in order to recap our first year on the map, just in case that some folks out there still donʼt know who we are and what we do.

Basically, we are a bunch of good people doing good things and trying to have a good time doing it. Sounds pretty simple, not so.

In order to be able to produce adoption numbers we can all be proud of, give a quality product (nice healthy, socialized dogs) and not cut corners (adoptions that we feel that wonʼt be the best option for the dog) it takes a whole bunch of people.

Some folks volunteer on the computer, some walk dogs, some take on construction projects at the ranch, other volunteers choose to help at our special events. Some prefer to write for us. Some takes pictures for the website. We do so much, that we have a spot for everybody who would like to get involved, as much or as little as you want.

A couple of important things to know. We are 100% volunteer driven except for our ranch Manager, who is contracted. We only survive on donations and get no other moneys (Municipal, State, Federal or otherwise) and we are a no-kill shelter.

We practice the 3 Rʼs – rescue, rehabilitate and re-Home. We believe in a 3 front attack, which includes education, sterilization and shelter. Bottom line, we provide a complete program as well as a platform in order to initiate a culture change with regards to domesticated animals, in our, case dogs. Now, for all you “bottom liners” out there, let me give you some of our accomplishments and even some figures for you to pound.

Major Fundraisers

Used clothing sale (twice a year)

El Mogote golf tournament

Arnout runs for k9

Massage by Linda Hiebert

Superbowl private party by Rick Shannon

Create and sell T-shirts and Polo shirts w/logo

Start looking at various grants and apply if possible

2015 General Tire Norra Mexican 1000 (off road car race)

Major Projects

Create a legal entity (A/C)

Built a refuge (ranch)

Recruit volunteers

Get some media time (local web, local newspaper and start to look at international media requirements)

Find and create partnership with various American and Canadian Dog Adoption Centers

Get in the classroom and start educating

Build a washroom at the ranch

Baja34 (another 25 dogs relocated to Minnesota)

Organize and offer free Sterilization clinic (our first clinic, 120 animals)

Ok, ok, I know what you are thinking. Heʼs throwing it all in but the kitchen sink!

Again, not so. Iʼm sure that many volunteers will make me aware that I forgot

something. Guaranteed.

So, come on down to the ranch, you will be amazed at the little hobby farm that was created just for you (and the dogs, of course)

We have folks who come down to walk dogs, others will work on the weeds, paint, or a thousand other things that always need attention at the ranch.

Some folks will tell you that one of the best thing that we have going is our little

gathering area under a big tree with chairs where both dogs and volunteers love to sit and socialize!

One more thing. Now that most of our “snowbird” supporters are gone for the summer, our donations are going way down, please remember, we still need to pay for rent, food, medication etc. All year long, summer or not! Please consider becoming a “guardian angel” and visit our website to register your monthly donation because if you don’t, who will?

Feel free to contact Claude at cc13cc@gmail.com or check out the K9 Rancho del Perro website at www.k9ranchodelperro.org

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