Juno is Looking for a Forever Home

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Hello, Friends.

My name is Juno, and I am a Baja Girl from La Paz, Mexico. Along with other dogs and cats, I was rescued from a beach named Pichilingue as part of an effort called the “Baja 34 Rescue Project.” You may have heard of us! For about seven months, I have lived at a shelter called K9 Rancho del Perro with my fur family and have been treated extremely well. My best friend, Linda, worked with me for a number of months to help me overcome shyness with people – referred to by humans as “introversion.” I’m doing much better, and am thrilled to report that I have been taken into a foster home in La Paz with my new temporary mom and dad, Val and Robert!! They are helping me to learn the ropes of how to be a happy and confident dog for my future loving family – not to mention all the other stuff I’m learning, like climbing stairs and “going” outside, etc., etc.

Some details about me include that I’m approximately one year old, 30 lbs, 18” high at the shoulder, and spayed. I don’t like to bark much at all, and the most important thing… I’m as cute as a button! I love people once I’ve had a chance to bond with them, but still get spooked easily with loud or unfamiliar noises, so please be patient with me. My K9 family and new foster parents are working hard to help me with this, and I am getting much better day by day!

I had my first real bath last week and even though it was scary at first, afterwards I loved how clean and fresh I felt so much that I ran all over the yard!! My foster mom has given me funny things called toys, and despite not knowing what they are, I am learning quickly how to play with them.

I’m looking for a forever home where I can feel safe and secure, and in return, I promise to share all the love that I have to give. I can’t wait to meet you and to spend the rest of our lives together!!!



Please Contact :

Valarie Austen/Robert Miller


Casa – 612 128 4957

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