Jonn Izzik Art Exhibition *Opening March 3rd at 7:30 pm

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*Opening March 3rd at 7:30 pm


Casa de Cultura del Estado de BCS “Maestro Armando Manríquez Manríquez” is pleased to invite you to the art exhibition “Conceptual Manipulation of Form and Colors,” presenting the most recent works of artist Jonn Izzik.

The exhibition will be held at the “La Pintada” gallery, which is part of Casa de Cultura del Estado de BCS “Maestro Armando Manríquez Manríquez” and is located at 825 Madero Street, on the corner with Salvatierra y Torre Iglesias, Col. Esterito (downtown). The exhibition runs from March 3 to March 27, (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday). Admission is free of charge.

Painting 3

For the opening event of this art exhibition on Friday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m., there will be a Jazz and Big Band Music concert performed by the very talented La Paz Big Band Community, conducted by internationally renowned Grammy winner, Maestro Terry Townson.

Born in Ghent, Flanders (Belgium), Jonn Izzik began painting at a very early age, signing his works with the pseudonym “Janus,” his childhood nickname. He moved to Canada and spent some time working as a photographer, specializing in black and white. While developing his photos in the dark room, he was inspired to create images similar to the ones that began to appear in grey and black on the photographic paper; thus, he began to paint again, now signing as “Janus II”. Later, in 1998, Jonn Izzik decided to stop using pseudonyms.

Jonn Izzik’s art is inspired in the drawings of pre-school children, “…when their creativity has not yet been altered by adult opinions.” Symbolic, recurring images appear in most of his paintings: elephants carrying automobiles, upside-down human figures, fish that express emotion, balloons to escape the world, cacti as a last water resource, and other symbols that, from his own perspective, show the unfair relationship between humans and Nature.

The world of fantastic beings and bold color harmonies found in Izzik’s work leads us—with fun and a touch of naughtiness—to the awareness of our undeniable need as human beings to live in
harmony with Nature.

Jonn Izzik has been awarded a number of international prizes and showed his work in several countries including Canada, Holland, and Mexico. Today, Jonn is very happy living in La Paz, BCS.
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