Jonathan and Jill Roldan: La Paz Ambassadors

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Have you met Jonathan and Jill Roldan? Maybe not because their time here in La Paz is a little different than most of us.

Just as the snowbirds are arriving to La Paz in November to enjoy warm weather and some down time in the following months, Jonathan and Jill (Jillene), are busy packing up to leave their home base in La Paz and head North to start their annual road trip. “We are the reverse snowbirds,” Jill once told me, “so we don’t get to meet a lot of local people.”

Let me introduce you to them.

Jonathan arrived in La Paz in 1996 with plans to take a one-year hiatus from a busy California law practice. Fishing and water activities have always been at his core. In 1997 he started his own fishing fleet with one panga. He did every job imaginable and provided personalized service to all and continued to grow and expand his fishing fleets.

Jonathan married the love of his life, Jill in 2008. Together, they are Tailhunter International and created Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR Cantina (the malecon at Salvatierra and Torre Iglesias) as a gathering place for friends and clients. They found the perfect location at a 100-year old building on the malecon and opened in May of 2009. Today, Tailhunters offers a great place to enjoy the views of people traversing the malecon and the phenomenal La Paz sunsets. Tailhunter Restaurant and FUBAR have become a great gathering place for ex-pats.

And for the past several years, every winter the reverse snowbirds venture across the often cold Western United States in their well stocked cargo van to participate in up to 20 outdoors travel shows in just over three months, driving 15,000 miles promoting their business and to book fishing trips.

Jonathan’s one panga has now grown into a full-service fishing outfitter specializing in customized tours with individual service and attention for fishermen and their families. Their two Tailhunter Sportfishing fleets service two unique areas to give their clients the best conditions, the best variety and best opportunities to catch fish.  The Tailhunter La Paz Fleet runs directly out of the bay of La Paz and Las Arenas Fleet pushes off the beach from Bahia de Los Muertos to fish the famous waters around Cerralvo Island. They also book diving tours, city tours and whale watching tours for kids or wives who don’t want to fish everyday with “dad” or “hubby”.

I couldn’t imagine being on the road for three months and I asked Jill if she enjoyed it or not. “We do enjoy being on the road. It is when Jonathan and I really get to spend time together. When we are in La Paz, we are working nonstop, sometimes around the clock with our clients. When we are on the road, we meet new people but we also have our clients come with their families to meet up with us at the different shows. We now have three and four generations of families who come and book their holidays with us. They have become our family!”

At the end of their road trip, the duo return to La Paz to host over 1,000 visitors from all over the world during the months of April to November. Then, after Christmas with their family, they are back on the road again in the U.S. promoting Tailhunter International and meeting countless people.

Such is the life of La Paz’s most diligent ambassadors.

And ambassadors they are. At each show they visit up North, not only do they promote their business, but they also promote La Paz. These two alone have succeeded in bringing thousands of new visitors to our area, many of whom have fallen in love with La Paz. Visitors return home and tell their friends and La Paz gains vital exposure.

Some years, Jill says, promoting La Paz is easier than others. “We do get a lot of questions from people wondering if it is safe down here. I tell them I live here, La Paz is my home and I wouldn’t be inviting you here if I felt that it wasn’t safe for you.”

Jonathan and Jill have also been staunch supporters of the local community. Even when they are crazy busy with fishing season in full swing, they still find the time to support two projects here in La Paz to help others make a positive impact in La Paz and surrounding areas.

The Roldans and their fishing family now sponsor 12 students in La Paz with scholarships to attend school through Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz, A.C. (FANLAP). FANLAP provides the basic support of food and education for children and adolescents from impoverished areas of La Paz to give them the opportunity to complete their education and improve the quality of their lives.

Also for the past 6 years, Tailhunter has been promoting Pack with a Purpose, a non-profit organization created in 2009 to provide travelers with information to utilize the extra space in their luggage and make a “Big Impact” on the local communities of their holiday destination. Jill and her daughter prepared a flyer that she sends out to their fishing family of items that are needed here in La Paz. “I have literally collected tons of supplies from our families and have happily donated them all to FANLAP and Care for Kids to La Paz,” Jill proudly said.

Personally, I want to thank Jonathan and Jill for their extraordinary efforts and congratulate them on their well-earned success. If you would like to catch up with Jonathan and Jill, you can find them at Tailhunter Restaurant on the malecon over the summer. To learn out more about Tailhunter International and their fishing experiences, go to or call 612 125 3311.

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