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La Paz/ Las Arenas Fishing Report courtesy of

What a crazy week!  It started off well, but then a surprise hit as we were winged by the edge of Tropical Storm Paul that turned into “HURRICANE PAUL!”  Fortunately, we dodged the big bullet unlike our fellow cities to the north like Loreto, but in La Paz we were still hit with winds and 2 days of rain that were enough to cancel our pangas and keep our clients hotel-bound for a day-or-two!
Believe me, that is as tough on us as it is on our clients to have to stay indoors during their vacation!
But we started out again by Wednesday and with each passing day, conditions improved.  In fact, they got better fast!  I was amazed at how fast the muddy, cloudy waters cleaned up. Faster than normal, which I’m sure had something to do with the improved bite.
Also the hurricane like winds did take a few days to diminish and we did have a few queasy souls out there the first few days after the storm. Some admitted it was abetted by too much tequila consumption the night before! But, again, with each passing day the weather, water and winds improved.  In fact, since the storm, we’ve had some of the prettiest days in a long time.  Just brilliant blue.  The surrounding hills and mountains also could not be greener or more vibrant with flowers, grass and trees going full turbo…and the wild cows eating like it’s a free buffet line!  But, we’ve had more rain in the last month than we’ve had in 5 years combined!
As for the fishing, as I mentioned, we started the week well.  It’s been a pattern all year. We get going well then a storm comes along and changes the fishing landscape.
However, the dorado fishing by the end of the week was going solidly. This is for our La Paz as well as our Las Arenas fleet!  Not only did we have good number with limits being common, but also, the quality of the fish has been much improved. We’ve probably gotten a better ratio of bulls and fish in the 20-40 pound class than we’ve had all year.
The fish have moved around quite a bit, but with a little patience, we’re finding the fish.  You just have to be patient.  Some of the clients have admitted that they were getting discouraged when they had not had a bite by 11 or 12 noon, but then all of a sudden, the rods went off and it was crazy nuts until the fish box was full!   The late bite has been a common pattern.  So, just hang in there!
In addition to the dorado, every day we’re getting marlin and sailfish hook ups with most fish being released plus nice roosterfish are still working as well up to about 40 pounds.  A few giant trophy pargo and cabrilla also being caught! Unfortunately, no tuna but giant squid seem to keep popping up every few days.
That’s our story from Jonathan and Jilly at Jonathan Roldan’s Tailhunter International.
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