Hotel Occupancy Rates Increased by 23% during Carnaval: EMPRHOTUR La Paz

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* A success for the Municipality of La Paz with help from the tourism sector, restaurants and all levels of government: AON
The hotel sector in La Paz is very pleased with the sudden increase in their hotel occupancy rates during the second half of February, corresponding with the celebration of Carnaval La Paz 2012, coordinated by the Municipality of La Paz, business chambers, EMPRHOTUR, CANIRAC, non-profits and the three levels of government.
Agustín Olachea Nogueda, President of the Hotel and Tourism Association of La Paz, announced that according to data received from their member hotels, the hotel occupancy rate in the city during Carnaval 2012 La Paz, February 16th to February 21st, 2012 increased 22.9 percent with an average occupancy rate in the city of 71%. This compares to an average of 48.1 percent (DATATUR) that was registered between March 8th to March 13th of 2011.
EMPRHOTUR announced that majority of their hotels had an occupancy rate between 70 and 90 percent and that the hotels located in or around downtown La Paz had the highest rates of occupancy.
He stated his pleasure in Carnaval La Paz 2012, which he felt was due to the fact of better planning and organization as well as the manner in which the municipality worked with the various business chambers, the commercial sector and the tourism sector.
Olachea considered Carnaval 2012 a success; a dignified festival for the people of La Paz as well as for visitors to the city with higher quality services provided, including gourmet food from high-end restaurants from La Paz, better logistics, tighter security and better management of the sale of alcohol. It was also noted that there was plenty of planning and a better execution of the event, taking in account the need for enjoyment for all generations. Without a doubt, the parade was much better than years past, starting on time all three afternoons with beautifully decorated floats and more of them.
He assured that the Hotel and Tourism Association will continue to support Carnaval La Paz as it has been proven time and time again that when everyone works together, the people of La Paz benefit.

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