Have You Heard About Club Cruceros?

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By Ana Hall

When asked to write a “blurb” about Club Cruceros, I thought it would be easy. How many words can possibly be needed to describe a little clubhouse on the grounds of Marina de La Paz? Piece of cake — after all, I know them. I’ve been here eight years, have gone to eight Subastas, and multiple fundraising parties. Club Cruceros is all about fun! Yes, but not just that. Club Cruceros is also about helping the community.

A great place to go to find information is the Club Cruceros’ website: www.clubcruceros.net. Once on the website you will notice the calendar of events, so you will always know what is happening and when. Wow, these people are busy!

One of the big fund-raising events to help the community is Subasta – a fun-filled afternoon that includes a flea market, cold beer, great food, face painting for the little ones, arts and crafts, and dozens of fantastic items being raffled off throughout the day. If you haven’t been, you must go! This year’s Subasta is scheduled for December 6.

Another big event sponsored by Club Cruceros is Bayfest, which is all about innovation in the boating community. If you attend – and all are welcome – you will find classes and lectures covering everything from beading and photography to the latest and greatest boating ideas.

Where does the money from fundraisers go? It goes to multiple charities; among them, the following:

Care for Kids

Horse Therapy for Special Needs Kids (Ninos Ariba – Terapia de los Caballos)

Elder Care Facility (Asilo de Ancianos San Vicente de Paul)

Beds For Kids (Camas para los niños)

The Orphanage (Nuevo Creacion)

Subasta – an annual auction benefitting FANLAP (Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz)

What have I learned in writing about Club Cruceros? I’ve learned that it isn’t just for boaters and that I need to go join. The book and video lending library in the clubhouse alone is worth the 100-peso-per-year membership fee. The club isn’t just about parties and fun, it’s about raising money for worthwhile causes, helping the community where needed, and making things happen.  Check it out and see for yourselves!

Club Cruceros Library

Club Cruceros library

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