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By Jim Donahoe“Everyone in La Paz needs water treatment,” says Chris Salter of H2O Profesionals Internacionales. Can you live without water treatment? Absolutely. Many have forever. However, if you take a closer look at all aspects of the use and consumption of quality water you will start to realize why his statement makes so much sense. Without the use of water treatment do you notice… water spots everywhere from the shower door to the glasses you drink from? How about the way your clothes and towels come out of the wash feeling kind of stiff and not soft and fluffy? Maybe you notice that your hair doesn’t have the lush, soft feel after a shower.
The main source of our public water for La Paz comes from water gradually finding its way down the mountains and into underwater aquifers. Through its travels the water collects many minerals from deposits found in the ground. This results in very “hard” water. While safe, this water creates many challenges for your appliances (water heater) and fixtures (notice the ring in your toilet).
I interviewed Chris in the H20 office at Madero 430 between Hidalgo and Constitucion. Unfortunately, Chris’ wife, Alicia was in Mexico City at the time. I also had the pleasure of meeting Charles (“Chubb”) Michaud, Technical Director for Systematix Chemical Engineers. Chris explained that Chubb has been his friend, mentor and business associate for 20 plus years. Just listening to the two of them talk in technical terms about water quality and treatment convinced me that Chris and Chubb really know water.
Chris began his career in water treatment more than 30 years ago in Scotland. He eventually came to the US because the industry was flourishing. Chris met his Mexican wife, Alicia, 17 years ago while living in California. Alicia was a prominent figure in the marketing industry in Southern California. In fact, it was her success that lead to a job opportunity from a local major developer that lured Alicia to La Paz. Chris was ready for a change and loved the idea of living in Mexico. After arriving, someone asked Chris for help on a desalinization project. One thing lead to another and Chris realized there were few resources in La Paz for quality water treatment. Based on this need, Chris and Alicia opened their first retail office on the Malecon five years ago. Two years ago they moved to a great location on Madero next to Buffalo’s Restaurant. In fact, Alicia is now working full-time with Chris and their business is growing.
“One of the aspects of the business that keeps me motivated is that nearly every job, no matter how big or small, presents a unique challenge,” Chris stated. One such challenge in La Paz is the fact that many US and Canadians live only part-time, so their systems are only being used for a short time and then sitting dormant until their return. Another unique challenge is that public water varies greatly from one location to another. The water in La Ventana is very different in mineral content from that in La Paz. Always loving challenges, Chris worked with Chubb to create products that address each situation. The goal was to create products that are affordable, easy to use and maintain, self cleaning and durable. The result is a line of “Blue Angel” products that range from whole house to under-sink drinking water solutions.
Another discovery was the need for water treatment in the various boats and yachts that frequent our area. Chris discovered that simple things like filters and fittings were hard to find and expensive so he started stocking them in his store. If a boater has the need for a water maker or more, Chris can facilitate a custom design to fit any need for small boats to large yachts.
H2O Profesionals Internacionales is expanding and now has distributors in Loreto and Todos Santos. I don’t expect their expansion plans to slow down… I think they love the challenge too much.
To really have a better understanding of the importance of water treatment please take the time to look at their website at www.aguadebaja.com. You can reach Chris and Alicia at (612) 123-3032 or by email at chris@aguadebaja.com. So, if you, as a homeowner, have a need for a simple under the counter water quality system or if you, as a developer, has a need for a major desalinization plant… Chris can help! Call or stop by their office for a chat.

Jim Donahoe has been a licensed real estate broker for 35+ years, has consulted throughout Western Mexico for the last 10 years and has been a full time Paceño for over 3 years. Jim is the owner/broker of Baja Coast Brokers in La Paz. Email Jim at jim@bajacoastbrokers.com or call his Mexican cell phone at (612) 140-1054 or his US phone at (619) 752-8114 – www.bajacoastbrokers.com.

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