Governor Presents Projects to Improve Traffic Flow in La Paz

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BCS Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor traveled to Mexico City last week and presented projects to the Secretary of Communications and Transport in the hopes of securing funds for works that would improve traffic flow in heavily congested areas in the city.

The meeting was attended by the state Secretary of Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Ecology Salvador Adrián Pérez Ramírez and the federal Undersecretary of Communications and Transport, Raúl Murrieta Cummings.

The Governor explained that the population growth of the state’s capital makes it necessary to complete new infrastructure within the city that would provide security to citizens and better roads for vehicular traffic.

To meet this end, Perez Ramirez, introduced two road projects for the city that would deal with the two heavy traffic areas.

The first, he said, would be in the area where the “Mano Amiga” bridge is located in the Colonia 8 de October on Forjadores. The new bypass would allow for easier traffic flow in an area where population growth has increased substantially in the last decade and ease the distribution of traffic to move to alternate traffic routes.

Pérez Ramírez explained that the second traffic flow bypass named “José María Morelos” would be at the intersection of boulevards 5 de Febrero, Forjadores and Augustin Olachea and would allow a more fluid traffic flow towards the street Isabel la Catolica.

The two projects haven’t been given the green light for construction.   The “Mano Amiga” project in 8 de Octubre would cost approximately 240 million pesos and the “Jose Maria Morelos” project would have a cost of 210 million pesos.

Also, Governor Covarrubias presented the final design to continue the modernization of the highway Ciudad Constitucion – La Paz. The government is about to deliver 10 kilometers of new highway and its intention is to continue this year with work on 21 more kilometers with a width of 12 meters and rebuilding bridges in order to make stretches of the highway safer.

The Governor said that to continue with improvements to the highway Ciudad Constitucion – La Paz, he would need approximately 376 million pesos to add to the 175 million pesos that have already been spent.

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