Governor Covarrubias to Strengthen Development in La Paz

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Members of La Paz’s Business Coordinating Council met with Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor to discuss topics related to the economic development of La Paz. At the meeting, the Governor said he is focused on strengthening development in La Paz in 2012 through construction projects and actions that would benefit the city.
Covarrubias Villaseñor mentioned that this year projects of great importance will get started such as the convention center for the city, where funds have been already earmarked for the project by Federal Congress, as well as the rehabilitation of the Pichilingue Maritime Terminal, the pavement of streets and other projects to help La Paz become more attractive. “This year we will start with the construction of the convention center of La Paz with the commitment of 90 million pesos to start the first phase of construction. Once the first phase is complete, the center will be functional but construction will continue until it is complete,” he added. The Governor stated that because of the need to look for alternatives to reactivate tourism in La Paz, he asked congress for resources to build a convention center which would contribute greatly to tourism development of the area, a form of tourism the city doesn’t have.  Also, it is a form of tourism that would bring large groups of visitors.  Finally, the Governor promised members of the Business Coordinating Council that he will closely follow the matters that affect La Paz, matters that would form part of an agenda to approach and give follow up to. This agenda would allow the government and the business sector to work together to find solutions.

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