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¨En tus vacaciones, tú mereces conocer La Paz.¨  On your vacation, you deserve to know La Paz.
On Thursday, July 26th, a press conference was held to announce the launch of the new  ¨Go La Paz¨  tourism campaign.  Presiding over the press conference were representatives from Emprothur (the hotel and tourism business association of La Paz), the municipal tourism department, and the state tourism department.
Agustín Olachea, president of Emprhotur, gave a brief presentation explaining the new campaign.  The campaign will be targeted toward professionals in the 30 to 65 year old age range, not towards the college age and spring break crowd.  Tourism representatives are hoping to reach both a national and international audience.  An investment of 5 million pesos will be spent on the campaign, with 50% of that investment being used in online marketing through social networks.
In order to promote La Paz, Baja California Sur, to worldwide tourism, 9 tourist developments in the area, including CostaBaja, Paraiso del Mar and Azul de Cortez, EMPRHOTUR (the La Paz Hotel and tourism enterprise association) and the State’s Secretary of Tourism, have joined forces and put forth a budget of nearly 800,000 US dollars over the next 3-years to market La Paz internationally.  The sole purpose of this marketing campaign is to increase tourist traffic to La Paz.
Towards that end of the presentation, ten short videos have been produced and placed on YouTube, with the hope that not only will people view the videos on YouTube, but will also share the videos on their Facebook pages.  The videos cover a number of the outstanding qualities of the municipality of La Paz – which includes Todos Santos, La Ventana and El Sargento, and Los Barriles.  There are ten videos in total, covering such themes as how safe La Paz is, the Puebla Magica Todos Santos, the marine life in the Sea of Cortez, and kiteboarding in La Ventana.  In an effort to capture the spontaneous reactions of the people being interviewed, the ten videos are all unscripted.
While not every video will appeal to each person who watches them, there is bound to be at least one video that will capture a person’s interest.  To view the videos (and maybe share them to your Facebook page), go to http://www.youtube.com/user/purelapazvideos/videos.  You can also visit the website for the ¨Go La Paz¨ campaign at http://golapaz.com.
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