Full House and Standing Ovation – Las Mujeres en La Musica with Loyda Vazquez

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John K. Glaab

The performance hall at the state music was filled with a most appreciative audience to celebrate International Women’s Day.
The creative program was titled, “Cinco mujeres, cinco divas”.  It was a salute to high profile women in music, during the nineteenth century. The women; three of them were Sopranos, one composer and one an instrumentalist. The program counted on music from Amy Woodforde-Funden of Chilean birth, but performed many times in Mexico, Maria Grever, a Mexican, and Angela Peralto. Ms. Peralto has theaters named after her in San Miguel de Allende and Mazatlan, the city of her birth.
Soprano Loyda Vazquez originally from Guadalajara and now studying in La Paz, was accompanied by Cruz de La Paz, who teaches piano at our state music school. The two gave absolutely brilliant performances. Loyda interpreted pieces that were at time serious, romantic and comedic. Their performance was rewarded when the audience called for three encores and gave the pair a standing ovation.
At intermission I was fortunate to be able to speak with noted U.S. musicologist Dr. Carl Gerbrandt. Dr. Gerbrandt has been coaching Loyda since last June.  He has had many roles in professional music from Dean of Opera at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland to opera producer, director and vocal performer. Dr. Gerbrandt has homes in La Paz and Colorado. He will be a great addition to the local music scene.
Commenting on Loyda’s performance he said, “I am very impressed by the progress Loyda has made and continues to make.” He also told me about several female music composers. In the nineteenth century, women were discouraged if not allowed to compose. While composers like Beethoven, Schuman, Mendelssohn and Mozart were widely known, there were very few female composers. Among them were Clara Schuman and Fanny Mendelssohn.
Las Mujeres en La Musica was truly a musical treat for La Paz concertgoers.

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