Francisco Monroy Sanchez Sworn in as new Mayor of La Paz

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With Estela Ponce Beltran deciding to step down as mayor of La Paz in order to seek an elected position in the next round of elections, Francisco Monroy Sanchez has been declared the new mayor. He will keep the post until the transition of the new administration takes place after the June 3rd, 2015 municipal and state elections.

Although he realizes his term will be a short one, Monroy Sanchez promised to improve public services as one of his priorities. He said he would take advantage of every day that is left in the term to do work that benefits the community. Monroy Sanchez is a popular off-road racer and he feels his experience in the Baja 1000 gives him plenty of experience to head the municipality of La Paz.

At an extraordinary council meeting that was convened on January 15th, 2015, La Paz Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran was granted a leave of absence, without pay and effective immediately. Ponce Beltran had planned to use the time to take part in her parties (PRI) internal elections for the candidacy of State Governor. However, just over a month later, her party decided to not nominate her and instead put forward Ricardo Barroso Agramont’s name as their candidate for State Governor.

Ponce Beltrán then took an even longer leave of absence after her failed attempt for the candidacy before then deciding that it was time to permanently leave the position as mayor of La Paz. She is allegedly seeking, although it is still not official, a 3-year term as a federal congresswoman.

La Paz Councilor Fausto Álvarez Gámez had covered Ponce Beltran’s mayoral duties until Monroy Sanchez was sworn in on March 8th.

It is important to note that four councilors also handed in their resignations as well as the head of DIF and the director of Social Development. The majority of those resigned plan to seek nominations in the upcoming elections.

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