Fiscal Pier in La Paz to Receive Long Overdue Upgrades

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Governor Marcos Covarrubias is on hand to announce up-grades to the Fiscal Pier located on the malecon of La Paz.

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The first stage of renovations will be starting soon to improve La Paz’s infrastructure to help encourage more tourism in the city.

According to the state government, La Paz has currently received an unprecedented amount of support and investment for public projects that help shape a better image for the city. Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor was on hand to announce up-grades to the tune of 2.7 million pesos to the Fiscal Pier, located on the malecon of La Paz.

Accompanied by the Director of the Administración Portuaria Integral (API BCS) Jesús Robles González and a representative for Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltrán, councilmen Fiol Higuera, the Governor said that construction by the state government and specifically construction in La Paz are of great importance as they contribute to the improvement of urban infrastructure.  He said the state is currently working on repaving city streets and the reconstruction of parts of the highway to Cabo as well as the construction of the La Paz Convention Center. 

“La Paz has a natural beauty without equal, but she needs the infrastructure so travelers and residents of La Paz can enjoy her. These past two years we have put attention on the capital to encourage La Paz to become an important tourist destination as well as a city that residents can be proud to call home,” the Governor said.

Covarrubias Villlaseñor also mentioned that the malecon in La Paz would receive in the next few months state funds to fix up the streets in the area. Due to the lack of maintenance, the streets are in rough shape and it is more than necessary to have an improved image along the malecon for tourism. 

For his part, the Director of API BCS Jesús Robles González, said that this first stage of construction would consist of moving all current activity on the Fiscal Pier over to the floating pier, which is located in front of Cuauhtémoc Park, at the bottom of Nicolas Bravo. Also, API BCS will look after all the technical installations necessary including removing part of the malecon tiles and replacing them with colored, stamped concrete, an area for children’s playground equipment, a hanging scale to weigh fish, a new decorative sculpture, booths for tour companies and new lighting.

He also pointed out that the renovations would conserve all historical elements of the pier. It is important to note that there has been no upgrades or proper maintenance to the Fiscal Pier since 1997. 

API BCS is a company of the State government that was created in 1996, in a bid to facilitate in the development of tourism, fishing and commercialization of the State. The administration, planning, construction and commercialization of the ports of La Paz, Pichilingue, San Juan de la Costa, San Carlos, Puerto Escondido, Santa Rosalia, San Marcos and Santa María fall under the responsibilities of API BCS.

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