First Rains Harvested!

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Raiz de fondo logoRaiz de Fondo

The first rains of the year have arrived, and we are happy to report that the Green Infrastructure gardens are serving their purpose.  These sunken gardens can be found on Blvd Forjadores, and they were installed by Raíz De Fondo with the collaboration of volunteers from the Urbanería Colective, Niparajaá, EPI, Prepa Morelos, BCScletos, and the Municipal Government.

We estimate that at least 2000 litters of water were collected during the brief rains last week, which quickly percolated into the soil in less than an hour.  In addition to irrigating the trees and plants, one can note that this Green Infrastructure is significantly reducing flooding in the bike lane in front of the entrance of the Preparatorio Morelos on the corner of 5 de Febrero and Forjadores, which in past seasons suffered from large puddles that lasted for days.

We hope that more Green Infrastructure becomes a part of regional development to promote urban reforestation, flood control, aquifer recharge, and city beautification. Let it pour!

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