First Commitments Delivered to Public Transportation In La Paz

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New image for public transportation units in La Paz

“We are working to get through deep and old problems and follow a plan that will allow the City to grow as the capital of the State should and that is with the quality of life that all Paceños deserve,” Mayor Esthela Ponce Beltran announced at the unveiling of the first few steps towards the City’s goal of completing all actions and strategies required toward honoring the new Municipal Plan of Public Transportation.
Accompanied by the Municipality of La Paz’s Secretary General Guillermo Beltran Rochin, city council members, general directors and public transportation users, the mayor started with the delivery of the first few commitments established in the Plan on Sunday, January 26th. A good part of all actions need to be completed by August of this year.
The Mayor hopes that with the delivery of commitments from the various departments of the Municipality of La Paz, the modernization of the City’s public transportation system will better service and the lives of users.
One of the first actions the city started on was the repairing and repavement of over 400 kilometers of city streets, many of them routes of the public transportation system.  This also includes streets in Chametla and Centenario.
During the press tour on the 26th, the Mayor was presented with the new image for all public transportation units in the city. All units will eventually be uniform will the same image.
Mayor Ponce also delivered the first of 87 promised bus stops that are to be located in different areas of the city where they are needed.  The bus stops are made of metal and are easy to install and easy to clean.
The Offices of Security and Transport presented the uniforms that all bus drivers should be wearing while on duty and the Municipal Institute of Youth presented the new discount card for students of the ages of 12 to 29. With the card, students receive discounts on fares (50% off the regular fare, 365 days of the year) as well as promotions and benefits to different commercial establishments in the city.
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