Ever Go Salsa Dancing with a Bunch of Firemen?

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Saturday, March 3, 2018 at La Costa Restaurant in La Paz is your chance to salsa dance or watch the Hot Cuban Salsa band do a benefit party for the firemen of La Paz. The Club Rotario Bahia de La Paz would like to raise funds for a third shipment of much needed free equipment from Global Fire Canada to La Paz.

Tickets cost only 150 pesos.

This program has been very successful. In the last two years, two shipments of goods have arrived in La Paz. The first was 155 firemen’s turnout uniforms. These are what a fireperson wears when they enter a burning building.

The second shipment this year was 41 air tanks, masks, regulators, hoses, backpacks and spare parts that firepersons wear when searching for victims inside an engulfed building. The equipment has been in excellent condition and was valued at about $140,000 US. The cost of each shipment was about $3,000 US.

We wish to thank people like Dave Calhoun and John Berg who donated to the shipping costs in the prior two years and helped make this happen.

There will be many young firemen at the event with their families, demonstrating the equipment.

For tickets call Bob Walker 612 104 2072 or email svcactus@gmail.com. He will happily deliver to a convenient place for you. And if you would like to bring some friends, we can reserve you a table when you buy your tickets. If you have ever wondered how to support a worthwhile group in our community, here is your chance.


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