Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisan Market Opens to Promote Local Products

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* Every Sunday the market will be installed with the sale of seafood, agriculture products, crafts and homemade foods


In order to give continuity to the efforts and needs of local business people and producers, the municipality of La Paz, led by Fausto Alvarez Gámez, inaugurated the first ever Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisan Market located in the parking lot of City Hall just off of Colosio. This new market will give local producers and artisans the opportunity to offer their products at low prices in order to also benefit consumers.

Alvarez Gámez also mentioned that the market gives local paceños and visitors the chance to buy local and to try and taste products that are locally grown and made in the area by people of the state.

The general director of Economic Development, Armando Covarrubias Flores, explained that 40 local producers arrived to participate in the first market on March 1st and that in the following Sundays he believed the market would reach up to 80. He mentioned there was a high demand for fruits and vegetables and dairy products so they are looking at rural producers to fill in this gap.

Covarrubias Flore said that products offered at the market cost up to 50% less than in supermarkets, which include seafood, agricultural products and artisan crafts, all of excellent quality. The reason that products can be offered at such a low cost is because merchants from around the city will make direct sales to the public without any intermediary.

He also mentioned that the government is looking for a way in which market participants can head out into the different colonias in the city on a rotating basis to promote their products directly to consumers in their communities.

Finally, the municipal representative Alvarez Gamez said that the commitment of the current municipal administration gives full support to local producers. He said they have a place to install their quality goods for sale at an affordable price for consumers.

Soon, more than 80 different local producers and entrepreneurs will be on hand offering their products at low prices. The City plans to host the Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisans Market every Sunday starting at 9:00 am.

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