Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisan Market Continues on Sundays

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Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisan Market Continues on Sundays




Just a friendly reminder that the Entrepreneurs, Producers and Artisan Market will continue every Sunday with the sale of seafood, agriculture products, crafts and homemade foods. The weekly market is located in the parking lot of City Hall, just off of Colosio.


Manual Castro Robles, committee member of the market, said that the Sunday market is gaining in popularity and each week more customers are stopping by and purchasing local product.


The market gives local paceños and visitors the chance to buy local and to have the opportunity to taste products that are locally grown and made in the area by people of the state.


Local producers are providing an extraordinary service as their products are of the highest quality and at low prices, because merchants from around the city will make direct sales to the public without any intermediary.


Castro Robles stressed that carrying out this type of retail space in the city, for himself and other producers, is very important. He thanked the City of La Paz and the Department of Economic Development for listening to their needs and providing them a location and the tools needed to sell their products directly to the public.


Finally, Castro Robles made a cordial invitation to the public, to visit the market on Sundays from 8 am to 2 pm in the parking lot of City Hall, where a wide variety of items can be found, including fruits and vegetables, cheeses, creams, machaca, juices, homemade dishes, household items, furniture, jewelry and other handmade items as well as plants and flowers.

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