English Speaking Community Receives Support from State Attorney

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On October 26, 2012 members of the English speaking community were invited to a meeting of residents of El Centenario at an attorney’s office in El Centenario. It was a Saturday and there were approximately 50 people standing in front of her office. The meeting was about the crime activity that was going on and the comments were being addressed to the Sub Delegado and the local Police Commandant.

During the meeting the question was asked of the crowd, “How many of you have had a break-in or robbery in the last year?” About 18 hands went up and some indicated that this had happened more than once. People were shocked at the response. It was apparent that the community had a communications problem. Thus was born the need for a neighborhood watch program.

Since those early days, several residents of El Centenario have been involved in the program and are actively watching out for their neighbors. They have been meeting with government officials to discuss how the community can help with crime prevention. Once the officials realized that many members were actually there to help, their attitudes changed. Great support from the City of La Paz has been received from the Director General de Seguridad Pública y Tránsito Municipal, Manuel Salvador Arce Delgadillo through his Director of Operations, Iván Sánchez Escobar.

The biggest surprise came in March of 2014 when Baja California Sur received a new Procurador (State Attorney General), Lic. Adonaí Carreón Estrada. Even more of a surprise was when he contacted community leaders, including Warren Jorgenson, within a few weeks of his arrival and request a meeting to see how he could help.

A meeting was set up and Lic. Carreon Estrada went to El Centenario on May 20th of 2014 where he took several strong comments and questions from a sampling of the English speaking community. He requested a follow up meeting on June 16th after he had a chance to digest all of the public comments along with a six-page document of their perceived problems and possible solutions.

According to community member Jorgenson, “Lic. Adonaí Carreón Estrada has been a real advocate and supporter of crime prevention and has been working hard to overcome an uphill battle against the status quo in BCS. Whenever we ran into a roadblock or needed help he would make it happen or tear down the roadblocks. He has an almost impossible job of switching this State over to the new Criminal Justice System and a new Penal Code, which has a whole new philosophy when it comes to crime and criminal apprehension for the Mexican population. Being innocent until PROVEN guilty and having probable cause for arrests is something new in this country and we applaud Mexico for making the change.”

An example of the action taken by the State Attorney occurred when Greg Lothian’s house was broken into in late 2013 and one of the items taken was a family heirloom; irreplaceable. Lothian filed the denuncia and within a few months he was notified that the heirloom was recovered. Lothian went into La Paz to retrieve his property but when he got there the item was no longer there and nobody knew where it went. So more time went by with no results.

Lothian then talked with the State Attorney about his heirloom to see if his office could help. Lothian had received a call from one of his friends that saw the heirloom being used in public and took a photo. With the photo, Lothian received the help needed from Lic. Carreon Estrada’s office and with all parties involved, the heirloom was returned to Lothian in days.

This is just one example of Lic. Adonai Carreon Estradas’ commitment to helping the community.

Lothian felt strongly about thanking the State Attorney for his assistance and as we all know it is not very often that law enforcement officials get a thank-you. A beautiful plaque was presented to Lic. Carreon Estrada in his office on March 20th, 2015.

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