DIG IT, CASTLES IN THE SAND – Second Annual Sand Castle Contest in Vinorama, BCS.

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John Brooke
A classic line of continuous breaking surf under a bright halo of sunlight that attempted to burn through the cool misty cloud hugging the beach. Live music provided by Tim Lang and Kurtiz Parsons blasted out from the high hill overlooking the Second Annual Sand Castle Contest, in Vinorama.
Our hosts, the Crossroads Country Club, is housed in a stunning modern Mondrian like building. It consists of a modular array of structures. Sharp angular geometry in cutting contrast to the natural rolling sand dunes and the undulating coastline.
The Club House kitchen was steadily satisfying the hungry and thirsty hill climbing spectators. A magnificent soaring multi turreted Sand Castle stood just behind the outdoor bandstand. Down below, Sterling Dietz, a strolling Magician treating with tricks the crowds, who were sheltering under colorful umbrellas and portable sombras. His magic was a welcome diversion, for a few spellbinding moments. A welcome change in their intense appreciation of their sandy artist friends, who were toiling mightily, creating their inspired masterpieces for judging. Joan Hafenecker, owner and hostess, mingled with her guests as a succession of cold Mexican beers and hot food flowed from her beachfront kiosk.
Then it was time to evaluate the artwork. International Master Sand Sculptor Brett Stoker, announced:
First Place Winner: A masterful sand sculpture “Manta Rays.” Created by The Handy Manny team from right here in Vinorama, East Cape.
Second Place Winner: Big floppy ears, tongue hanging out, and sandy claws, “The Puppy.” Sculpted by The Monster team all the way from Mexico City.
Third and three equal Winners: “Escape to the Other Side.” By a family team, from San Jose del Montreal. “La Tortuga.” Carved by team Los Costenos. “Jolly Roger” a sand carving by the Cross Roads Country Club team was also a Third Place Winner.
“The Castle,” received an honorable mention for The Canucks team from Whistler British Columbia, Canada.
Over time, all these exquisite works will crumble, they’re only made of sand. They’ll be resurrected in new, creative forms, by inspired sculptors in next seasons Annual Sandcastle Competition.

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