Day of the Malecon to be Celebrated March 1st!

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March 1st –Day of the Malecon


It is time to give La Paz’s most valuable treasure a facelift – and we are all invited.

March 1 has been declared Day of the Malecon. The committee Pro Malecon is busy at work trying to get the public involved in keeping La Paz’s most important attraction beautiful.

In order to improve the malecon of La Paz and promote its recognition as a harmonious space, the Pro Malecón committee reported that in the coming weeks, different maintenance jobs would be performed.

Members of various chambers and associations in the City have joined forces and have been holding regular meetings that make up the Pro Malecon committee. This group have established March 1 as the day to celebrate the malecon here in La Paz.

Various celebrations and activities to promote the boardwalk will be taking place throughout the day. For the first time ever, athletes of BCS will be joining forces to do their part in making La Paz a better place to live. A SUP, kayak, swim, cycle and running relay will take place on the 1st. A full calendar of events will be posted on the website so check back for further details.

Daniel Shroyer, Chairman of Pro Malecon, reported that the committee seeks to rehabilitate infrastructure, the pedestrian walkway, as well as cleaning the beach to achieve an area with better use of space.

It was reported that prior to performing the activities to mark the “Day of the Malecon” in March, business and citizen donations would be collected to start the beautification of this area.

Pro Malecon is looking for a donation of materials from the public instead of cash donations. Those who are interested in donating can head to the facebook page Pro Malecon to see the list needed to help renovate La Paz’s most attractive and well-used public space.

The malecon is slowly deteriorating. In December of last year, the Municipality of La Paz finished reconstruction of part of the walkway of the malecon in La Paz. Several feet of the heavily traveled malecon was damaged due to the windy weather and rough seas. Along with the impact of the waves, time had also played a roll in the damage that occurred.

It is estimated that 3 million pesos are needed to replace tile work, add a fresh coat of paint, fix benches, trim the trees and green spaces and to remodel the bicycle path.

Pro Malecon hopes that each year, at least one day can be dedicated to the care and promotion of the malecon and to hold sporting events as well as artistic activities to bring the public together to celebrate.

Part of the Malecon in La Paz is under repair.

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