Damage Being Evaluated to City Streets and Highways

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Storms Miriam and Norman left severe damage to highways across the state and the Secretary of Urban Planning for Baja California Sur, Salvador Pérez Ramírez, said that during the first evaluation of the state’s highways and main streets of Los Cabos, La Paz and Comondu, damage has been estimated at more than 35 million pesos.
Pérez Ramírez said that the constant rains that were generated by last week’s storms have affected the streets and highways in practically the entire state and rehabilitation of the roadways will get started once the resources needed are agreed upon.
The secretary said there is extensive damage in the municipality of Comondu as well as the highway to Los Planes and a number of major streets in both La Paz and Los Cabos.
Although he affirmed that it is the responsibility of the municipalities to maintain and repair damaged city streets, Pérez Ramírez said the state government is looking for ways to help support the cities on street repairs.
On the topic of urban streets, he said according to his estimates, the municipality of La Paz alone will need an investment of more that 28 million pesos to get the streets back into shape.
Pérez Ramírez commented that he presented his findings to Governor Marcos Covarrubias and they are now looking for options on how the administration can get started on the work required fixing both highways and main city streets in the state.
However, the administration of the municipality of La Paz says they can’t wait for the final decision of the state and have gone ahead and allocated 5 million pesos to get started with their program filling potholes left behind from the recent rains.
This investment, said Rosa María Sánchez Mendoza, Director of Public Works for the city said this money would reinforce the pothole program the city has started running during the night to fix the main streets in La Paz. Sánchez Mendoza also said they have 165 kilometers of streets to cover.
“The municipality is analyzing on where we should start and what will be our plan of attack, in hopes that in two months we will have completed the program and that all the potholes in the city have been repaired,” she explained.
“There will be occasions that we will have to close off streets for repairs. The damaged caused by the rains and the lack of maintenance in previous years has provoked serious damage in the asphalt and it is taking us more time than we thought to do repairs.”
The city announced that they would first start working on Bulevar Luis Donaldo Colosio, Calzada Agustín Olachea, the Bulevares Forjadores and Pino Payas, Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez, 5 de Febrero, Manuel Encinas, Veracruz and Legaspy.
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