CostaBaja Receives “Certificate of Environmental Quality” from PROFEPA

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The new head of PROFEPA, (Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente) La Paz, Pablo Tamez Molino, was on hand at the CostaBaja Golf Club to officially present CostaBaja Resort & Marina General Director Alejandro Yberri with a “Certificate of Environmental Quality”, a distinction that is the first of its kind awarded to a development in La Paz.

The “Certificate of Environmental Quality” was granted to CostaBaja for satisfactory completing all necessary requirements derived from an environmental audit of the development. Such requirements include the quality and quantity of its water usage, its efficient use of electricity, fuel management, appropriate use of chemicals such as disinfectants, insecticides, and chlorine as well as the responsible management of its surrounding natural resources.

“This is something we are very proud of and something that we all believe in, especially that we are here on a desert and need to protect what we have,” Yberri said.

In 1992, government regulatory changes in Mexico included the creation of an environmental oversight agency, PROFEPA, which is Mexico’s Federal Agency for Environmental Protection.  CostaBaja Resort approached PROFEPA to see what steps were necessary to be granted an environmental certificate from the agency.

The certificate presented to the development, after completing the audit, demonstrates the commitment CostaBaja has made to preserve the ecosystems and the environment in the region.

“This was a year-long process and a voluntary process,” Arturo Peña, Director of Operations at CostaBaja, mentioned. “The staff here all worked together to provide the necessary adjustments and documentation to be awarded this honor.”

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