Construction Continues on Stretch of Highway between Marina Palmira and El Caimancito

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  • State Government continues with their Program of Highway Reconstruction.


Continuing with their Program of the Reconstruction of Highways, the Secretary of Urban Planning for the State Government is undertaking the reconstruction of a stretch of the highway to Pichilingue. Secretary Salvador Pérez Ramírez is asking for motorists to please drive with caution on the strip of highway from Marina Palmira to El Caimancito.

Pérez Ramírez asks motorists to please take the necessary precautions while driving in this area of the city, adding that they are attempting to cause as few problems as possible during the reconstruction of this part of the highway.  The State hopes to reactive normal circulation of traffic as soon as possible.

Pérez Ramírez trusts that the stretch of more that 8 thousand square meters that is under reconstruction will be concluded by the beginning of December and be immediately opened for circulation.

He understands that the construction on the highway is causing problems for citizens as well as visitors to the area but that once the highway is completed, the government will have handed in to the people of La Paz one more quality project as the highway is being finished with hydraulic cement.

The Secretary of Urban Planning insists on calling for the understanding of residents in La Paz with the promise that the State will finish high quality projects that will eliminate problems during future rain seasons.

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