City of La Paz Announces Permanent Pothole-Reparation Campaign

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*In coordination with the state government



The municipality of La Paz has announced an ongoing campaign to repair potholes in the city and some of the other municipal communities.  “Attention on the subject will be year-round,” said Juan de la Peña Salgado, general director of municipal Servicios Publicos (Public Services).

The public official referred to a recently performed review of the streets and avenues that should be repaved in accordance with planning begun by the current municipal administration.  “It is an exercise that we do frequently, especially when the city has been paved with new concrete streets, as much on the part of the state government as of the city government,” he stated.

“In this sense,” de la Peña Salgado commented, “there is coordination with the state Secretaría de Planeación Urbana, Infraestructura y Ecología (Secretary of Urban Planning, Infrastructure, and Ecology) to distribute the pavement of new streets and ordinary maintenance among both levels of government.  So in the past days we did this with a view at preventing street deterioration due to the rains that we will surely receive this month.”

“While it is true that our staff conducts tours of the city’s streets and those of the municipal delegations,” said de la Peña Salgado, “the people’s comments by various means of communication – with phone calls to the office or personal opinions – are important for us, and we always take them into account.  It is a way of having a more efficient government.”

“With respect to the next pothole reparation, the asphalt for the streets under the charge of the municipal government has already been solicited; however, the state government has indicated to us that it has not yet been obtained.  We continue reparations with materials acquired by our own means.”

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