Christmas Tianguis Have Taken Over Downtown La Paz

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Drive with precaution if you are heading downtown in the next few weeks. The traditional La Paz Christmas Tianguis have taken over several blocks of historic downtown La Paz, making driving and parking a little more hazardous.

The Tianguis, or open-air street stands, can be found on the streets of Madero and Independencia. Along several blocks of streets, vendors are lined up selling toys, clothes, shoes, backpacks, games, Christmas decorations, gift wrapping and plenty more for gift giving and preparing.

The Christmas Tianguis have become one-stop shopping. You can find almost anything, all with in a few blocks. Park the car and just walk. Some vendors sell hot and cold beverages and traditional Christmas treats such as buñuelos.

Several great stores, also perfect for looking for that perfect gift, can also be found in this area, including Casa Parra and Nomada.

Families are together walking around, people are happy and the atmosphere is filled with joy, as is should be over the holidays.

The problem for many concerned citizens is the traffic along Madero/Revolucion. The entire vicinity of Jardín Velasco almost comes to a halt. Add to the mix run down cars filled with 10 passengers with no brake lights and no turning signals and we have a problem. Traffic police are very present, especially this year, and are trying to mitigate the situation for pedestrians.

Parking, so precious on a good day in downtown La Paz, is almost non-existent. People are usually in a hurry and when they can’t find a place to park, frustration sits in and their driving skills deteriorate. Beware of the frustrated driver!

The happiness and the craziness of the La Paz Christmas Tianguis will continue until Christmas Day.


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