Chiles en Nogada, A Patriotic Dish Traditionally Served in September

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By Susan Fogel

Okay, so you aren’t going to go to the Palacio to take part in El Grito, and maybe you even decided against finding a place to watch the fireworks.  There is one thing you can do the week of September 16th, and that is enjoy a truly wonderful dish called Chiles en Nogada. No worries we are not going to print a recipe here. These babies take a lot of work. And when anyone talks about this gorgeous, rich, sumptuous dish, they all say:  “Oh I love Nogada, but they are too much work to make myself!”
Where is grandma when you need her anyway?
Here is how Wikipedia describes Chiles en Nogada:
“…Chiles en nogada is a poblano chile stuffed with ground beef, fruit, herbs, and spices, then covered in a creamy walnut sauce. The final garnish is pomegranate seeds. The three colors of the Mexican flag are represented here, green for the chiles, the walnut sauce is white, and the pomegranate seeds are red, so this is a very traditional dish eaten during the month of September in Mexico…”
Here is how I describe it:  Rich, sweet, succulent with a little bite from the poblano chiles, scrumptious. I ate it every day at different restaurants one September, I just could not get enough.
The wonderful thing about holiday specialties is that they are only served during a special holiday. They do not become commonplace. Chiles en Nogada are not cheap as an entrée, but my friends, you will not be disappointed.
Grab your partner, a friend or someone off the street just say “Want to go have Nogada?” and   complete strangers will follow you anywhere. So head to one of these La Paz restaurants:
Tres Virgenes on Madero, call 123 2226 for reservations or try Los Tamarindos Garden on Revolucion, call 122 1999.  We will keep investigating and will be posting more info on September 15th celebrations at local restaurants at

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