Chef Aaron Beltran Camacho: A finalist at Mexico’s Chef of the Year 2012

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Chefs from around Mexico gathered in Mazatlán, Sinaloa on February 28th and 29th, 2012 to compete in Mexico’s annual culinary competition El Cocinero del Año, or Chef of the Year, which last year was held in Los Cabos.
Twelve chefs from diverse States in the Republic, including La Paz’s very own Aaron Beltran Camacho, competed for the coveted distinction using the kitchens at the University of Durango, Mazatlán campus.
“In my work, what I am passionate about the most is that I am always in projects or working on new ideas. There is always this possibility for me to look back and learn from the smallest details. For me, the enjoyment of the kitchen is that everything started with an idea, an emotion, a feeling.”
Chef Beltran Camacho is no stranger to the Chef of the Year event, where he likes to compete annually.  For him, the event is the benchmark of gastronomy competitions in Mexico where the primary aim is to promote Mexican cuisine and promote the culinary profession, something he is very passionate about.
“I have been trying to work on a personal project of mine for awhile now.  I love learning about and researching Mexican food and cuisine.  I think travelers come to La Paz and they want to try and enjoy food from La Paz, from Baja.  So I think it is important to find out more about ingredients and dishes from the region.  What do we have here to work with? Where did these ideas come from? How can we combine original ingredients from here and prepare delicious plates? So many questions and things to find out.  Slowly I am preparing these dishes here in Mis Amores.”
Mis Amores is a Mexican food restaurant that serves popular dishes from all over the republic.  However, Chef Beltran Camacho is slowly introducing to the menu dishes made from ingredients that are from Baja California Sur – including scallops, chocolate clams, mangos, pitahayas – dishes that are representative of the cuisine of the area. And he is having fun.
“At the moment when you create a dish, everything you have lived through, studied, learned, goes into that dish and to have people enjoy what you have prepared is the greatest feeling.  I have had judges from the Chef of the Year competition tell me they would like to come here to La Paz and Mis Amores and prepare food with me.  That would be wonderful; to work with them on Baja Californian dishes.”
Mis Amores is located on Marquez de Leon and Guillermo Prieto, right next door to La Cava del Patron.  Call 128 7761 for reservations.
Chef Beltran Camacho, who performs his magic at Mis Amores Wine & Steak House on Marquez de Leon in La Paz, has studied, traveled and worked in Mexico, the U.S and Spain perfecting his dishes and learning new skills.
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