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Petroleos Mexicanos will soon be making cosmetic changes to their petroleum plant, located on the road from the Pichilingue Ferry Terminal, to improve its projected image.
The state’s Secretary General, Armando Martinez Vega, announced that the government is joining forces with Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) to start a series of actions at the plant.  These actions are geared toward improving the urban image of the City of La Paz, specifically in the Pichilingue area.  The Secretary, along with PEMEX officials, visited the plant last week to discuss changes to the site.  These changes will include the painting of storage tanks and other external works that will significantly change the current appearance of the plant.
The PEMEX plant, located beside CostaBaja, has decided to make both interior and exterior improvements, with the goal of helping the city improve its entrances into La Paz. Thousands of visitors enter La Paz annually via ferry.  One of their first impressions of the city is the petroleum plant.
API, the local Port Authority, just announced that in the month of June, the number of visitors that entered La Paz from the Pichinligue Terminal increased 20% from the previous year. In June of this year, 18 579 visitors arrived in La Paz via ferry; this number is up from 15 429 visitors in June of 2011.  Over 30,000 visitors are expected through the terminal in each July and August.
Equally important as the changes to the Pemex plant, the announced changes to the Pichilingue road include the construction of the La Paz Convention Center.  The convention center will be built on land above the Technical Fisheries Junior High School, also located on the road to the Pichilingue Ferry Terminal.
Currently, the construction for the convention center is currently being tendered. However, the government hopes to finish that process in the next week, and to immediately begin preparing the large parcel of land for construction.
Local restaurateurs and business people dependent on tourism have called on the government to help increase the number of flights into La Paz.  To date, it has been a vicious cycle: there are no flights into La Paz because there are no new hotel rooms because there is no convention center to host large events.   With the construction of a convention center, the city will be able to attract an increased number of visitors, which will increase the demand for both hotel rooms and flights.  The administration of Governor Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor plans to officially inaugurate the La Paz Convention Center before the end of their term in 2015.
Without a doubt, the construction of the convention center and a facelift to the entrance to the city from the Pichilingue Ferry Terminal will help La Paz toward their goal of becoming an international tourist destination.  This, in turn, will improve the local economy for all Paceños.

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